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You want your shrubs and hedges to look their best

Have your shrubs grown out of control?

We can bring them back to their intended shape.

Pruning shrubs and trimming hedges, conifers, and topiaries can be very time-consuming, and without the proper experience they may not turn out the way you envisioned.


Make it easier on yourself and hire Pete's Tree Service. He's been offering his services for 20 years and can ensure beautifully trimmed hedges and shrubs.

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- Hedge trimming

- Conifer trimming

- Topiary trimming

- Shrub pruning

- Maintains existing shapes, doesn’t really create new topiaries/shapes

Our hedge maintenance services:

- Can bring out of control shrubs/topiaries/hedges back to their intended shape without removing all greenery from the shrub/hedges/topiary

Keep up with topiary maintenance, hire a tree service

We offer services to commercial and residential clients. For questions regarding our services, refer to our license #824843.

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